About Us

E&S Bakery originated 70 years ago when Thong Heng (pronounced “tong”) was living in the Guangdong province of China as a child and learned the family trade of making traditional chinese cakes. This carried with him to Cambodia through the Khmer Rouge era where living as a refugee in Thailand, he supported himself and the family by making these traditional cakes and bartering them to other refugees for other goods and services.  Shortly after immigrating to the United States in 1980, Thong Heng knew there was a demand for these traditional cakes from other asian immigrants who were nostalgic for food that reminded them of their pasts.

In 1987, E&S Bakery was founded and serviced in the Dallas, Texas metroplex and quickly grew to expand and wholesale to asian grocery stores in the south, southwest, and midwest regions across the United States.

Today, E&S Bakery is a family owned business specializing in making traditional chinese cakes such as mung bean cakes, moon cakes, red bean cakes, purple yam, and traditional chinese engagement cakes for the last 26 years. This website was created in the hopes of directly reaching customers who may not reside near an asian grocery store and have access to our products.

We look forward to selling these cakes to people that have enjoyed eating them in the past and introducing new people to our products!


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